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Dear AGU Planetary Science Section members,

After a decade of success with Cassini at Saturn, the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity, the landing and roving of Curiosity on Mars, LRO’s mind-boggling lunar imagery, and much more, NASA's planetary exploration program was rewarded with budget cuts that create devastating immediate and long-term consequences for NASA's ability to explore the Solar System.

The White House has proposed to continue the deep cuts to Planetary Science for 2015, even though similar cuts were soundly rejected by Congress last year.

NASA's Planetary Science Division is responsible for all robotic planetary exploration. While the new budget has some positive elements, it does not allow for the continuation of all our ongoing missions, much less starting new ones, unless a special “supplement” is also funded. And we will never realize the laudable goals of the Decadal Survey unless the planetary budget can be restored to FY12 levels.

The Planetary Sciences (PS) section of the AGU asks you, its members in and out of the U.S., to join sister professional societies and public advocacy groups in an active lobbying effort to support NASA's missions of exploration. Please read the letter from Jim Bell, President of the Planetary Society, to our section

The PS section also recommends a visit to websites of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the AAS or The Planetary Society. These sites provide more details about the issues, letter templates that you can customize, as well as links that can easily connect you to your representatives in Congress and the President (if you live outside the U.S.).

The time to act is now — before the Fall Meeting — while the FY2015 budget is being debated

Bill McKinnon, AGU PS President
Lindy Elkins-Tanton, AGU PS President-elect

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